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Useful information

Raw material - steel stratification

If you want to purchase a metallic tile system, you need to know that for a durable roof, three conditions must be met cumulatively: quality raw material, profiling on automated performance lines and qualified installation.

As far as the raw material is concerned, the most important features are the type of steel used, the thickness of the sheet, the zinc layer and the paint layer. All these aspects influence the product’s warranty and lifetime.

Type of steel

There are two types of steel used to produce a metallic tile: S250GD and DX51D. The main difference between the two types is related to their plasticity.

Wetterbest uses the first type of steel, S250GD, recommended due to its ability to be profiled without a tendency to return to its original form.

Sheet thickness

The raw material used by Wetterbest® is pre-painted galvanized or alloyed steel sheet with thicknesses between 0.5-0.55 mm, purchased from the most important pre-painted steel producers in Europe.

Zinc layer

The zinc layer is designed to provide protection against corrosion and bad weather. The thicker the zinc layer, the more difficult it is to the oxygen in the atmosphere to reach the base material, the iron, the basic steel component. This is important if we take into account that iron rusts over time under the action of oxygen.

Also, a thick layer of zinc prevents the paint from penetrating into the base material, which could lead to its peeling.

The zinc layer of raw material used by Wetterbest® ranges from 225 to 275 g/sqm.

Paint layer

For the manufacturing of the Wetterbest® metallic tile, we use sheet covered with paint based on:

  • Glossy polyester – 25 μm
  • Matte polyester – 35 μm

For the drainage system, the paint is:

  • Polyester – 35 μm
  • PURAL – 35 μm

Warranty of the raw material

The quality of the raw material is also reflected in the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the pre-painted steel sheet. The better the materials, the higher the warranty.

For Wetterbest® metallic tiles, for steel thickness of 0,5 mm, a 225-275 g/sqm zinc layer  and a thickness of the paint layer of 25-35 microns, the manufacturer provides a 15-year warranty. If the thickness of the paint layer is 50 microns, the manufacturer provides a 35-year warranty.

Imperium 40

The new material from Wetterbest®’s portfolio, the Imperium 40 steel sheet, has an extended durability with a matte appearance and exceptional plasticity, being a unique solution for roof coverings.

The unique quality of this material is given by the combination of the 50 μm flexible, yet thick organic paint layer and the steel substrate with a zinc content of 275 g/sqm. It also has a long service life and a warranty of up to 40 years in case of exfoliation and corrosion.

Imperium 40 is part of the Nature range of the producer ArcelorMittal. All products in the Nature range are covered with a paint that does not contain heavy metals or chromium – chemicals raising particular concern, having high degree of toxicity. In addition, Imperium 40 is made up of recyclable steel.

Another advantage of this material is its high resistance to UV rays, corrosion and peeling.