Trapezoidal sheet W18 - Wetterbest
Trapezoidal (“fluted”) sheet

Presentation of Wetterbest W18

Wetterbest®’s W18 trapezoidal sheet is used for cladding in case of industrial projects, on the outside and on the inside of the constructions (roofs, walls and various aesthetics applications), as well as for covering residential, administrative, commercial (houses, blocks of flats, office buildings, showrooms) constructions and cladding fences and eaves on roofs.

Technical characteristics:

  • Coverage:
    • polyester – 25 microns for glossy finish sheet
    • polyester – 35 microns for matte finish sheet
  • Colours: according to Wetterbest®’s palette
  • Thickness: 0,30 mm – 1 mm


W18 can be used for the cladding of industrial hall walls and to cover the roofs of residential buildings.

On the negative side of W18 trapezoidal sheet panels one can automatically apply Dripstop, a self-adhesive anti-condensation membrane, during the profiling process.

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