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Metallic tiles

Wetterbest Cardinal

Wetterbest® Cardinal is the newest profile of metallic roofing tile in the Wetterbest portfolio. Provided with two pronounced capillary channels for a better sealing, the new Cardinal profile is distinguished by wide lines reminiscent of the shape of ceramic roofing tiles, with pronounced edges that differentiate it from the rest of the existing profiles of roofing tiles.

Raw material :
Pre-painted hot dip galvanised steel
Thickness :
0.5- 0.55 mm
Zinc protection layer :
275 g/m2
Paint protection layer :
25 μm/35 μm/50 μm/60 μm
Panel lengths :
450-6000 mm
Minimum installation slope :
14° (1/4)


Area of use:

The Cardinal roofing tile profile is the Wetterbest solution for roofs, from simple to complex. It comes to give your roof a unique and elegant note and to complete the look of the house.


Benefits of the Cardinal Wetterbest roof tiles

Wetterbest acoperisLight weight;

Wetterbest acoperisQuick installation without material loss;

Wetterbest acoperisHigh degree of sealing;

Wetterbest acoperisUnique and elegant design;

Wetterbest acoperisSuitable for all types of roofs;

Technical sketches

Total tile panel width :
1200 mm
Useful tile panel width :
1150 mm
Tile wave height :
25 mm
Slat distance :
350 mm
Step height between steps :
25 mm