SUPREM 50 - Wetterbest
Roof finish ("fluted") sheet

SUPREM 50 - Maximum protection for your roof The highest resistance to corrosion and UV

The advantages offered by the Suprem 50 SUPREM

50 ensures the highest resistance to ultraviolet rays, even at high altitudes.

It has the highest resistance to ultraviolet rays (Ruv 4) and the highest corrosion resistance (RC5), according to regulations.


SUPREM 50 is the protection with the highest mechanical resistance.

The layer thickness is 50 microns and has the highest scratch resistance, of all the paint-based protections on the market.

SUPREM 50 is the protection with the best machinability in extreme conditions. It can be bent and mounted at temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius.

The slightly matte structure is designed to withstand mechanical handling and protects during the manufacture and installation of roofs. With these superior specifications, the manufacturer can offer extended warranties for this product.


SUPREM 50 is the protection with a 50-year corrosion warranty and is probably the only protection that will look just as good after 25 years.


Wetterbest SUPREM 50 complements the current portfolio and applies to both 4 metal tile profiles and Click profiles, mini rolls and trapezoidal profiles.


From an aesthetic point of view, the slightly textured matte appearance differs from the other deeply textured matte protections, with an elegant and refined note.

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