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Sealing and fastening elements

In addition to the range of elements that make up Wetterbest®’s metal covering systems, Depaco® also distributes the following products to seal the coverings and help with their operation:

  1. Protection elements in the coping area (IZOVENT type)
  2. Universal sponge
  3. Eaves comb
  4. Sealing sleeve for consoles, ventilation pipes, etc.
  5. Silicone sealing mastic
  6. Aluminum tape for sealing (Aluband, Soudaband)
  7. Roof ventilation caps and roof penetration protections


Depaco® also provides Wetterbest® metallic covering fastening system. Thus, the company’s product portfolio contains fastening screws in accordance with current technical guidelines. Their use is of particular importance for the durability and reliability of the roof.

Two types of drywall screws are used to fasten metallic tile coverings, provided with improved EPDM rubber seals. The 4,8 x 35 (long) screws are used to fasten the metallic tiles and the boards on the wood roof framing sheet; the 4,8 x 20mm (short) screws are used to fasten the metallic tile panels between them (weaving).

These screws are specifically designed to be used outside, having with superior protection against corrosion.

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