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FENSTRO STEP PLUS attic ladders

FENSTRO STEP PLUS have an attractive appearance, made of resistant pine, with a white finish of the door inside and outside and with black painted accessories.

They come with an arched opening and closing mechanism so that the ladder opens and closes easily, and the system includes a safety mechanism to prevent it from opening accidentally.


FENSTRO STEP PLUS attic ladders are equipped with a safety railing that is away from the edge of the ladder to avoid injuring your hands during operation. In addition, the protective sleeves are there to protect your floors. All three FENSTRO attic ladders are ergonomic and are equipped with an insulated door of different thicknesses, which translates into the level of thermal efficiency.

FENSTRO STEP PLUS ladder has the same structure as the STEP ladder, but is equipped with more efficient insulation in the door, which leads to improved thermal performance.

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