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Complete drainage system

The rainwater drainage system completes the roof’s functionality because it ensures efficient water drainage.

Wetterbest®’s drainage system components are precisely manufactured with high accuracy on automated manufacturing lines, in accurate sizes, they are sealed and can be quickly assembled and mounted.

Because they are made of the best quality steel sheet, Wetterbest® drainage systems can be used in any climate and have a long service life.

The material guarantees colour resistance, use without maintenance costs, exceptional rigidity and negligible thermal expansion, regardless of temperature.

Moreover, the entire range of products is available in a rich chromatic palette, suitable to any type of project.

Wetterbest®’s drainage system is manufactured in two different sizes:

  • Wetterbest® 125/88 where the trough is 125 mm in diameter and the downspout is 88 mm in diameter.
  • Wetterbest® 150/97 where the trough is 150 mm in diameter and the downspout is 97 mm in diameter.


Granite® Rain

The rainwater drainage system has great importance in the functionality and aesthetics of a roof covering.

Here at Wetterbest®, we are constantly seeking to improve and upgrade the drainage system. This is exactly why we brought into our portfolio the newest type of steel specially designed for the drainage system, from Voest Alpine.

Oţelul Granite® Rain steel is the most efficient in terms of aesthetics, durability and cost.


The new Raw material from Voest Alpine combines durability with ease of use, flexibility, warranty and aesthetics.


  • Granular appearance
  • Paint coat with increased flexibility to increase weather resistance
  • Zinc layer 275 gr/mp