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Planet Passionate Program

Climate change is the most important problem the world is facing today

As of 2021, Wetterbest has implemented the Planet Passionate program, which aims to reduce the footprint of CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere, the integration of renewable energy resources and our involvement in the community through special projects.

We strive to support the people and communities around us, while promoting responsible practices regarding the use of materials and energy.

We wish to take part in actively changing the way we carry out our daily activities, having a much more environmentally friendly behavior.

We collect used batteries

The polluting effects of a used battery are experienced for over 50 years. As they are made of heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel, zinc or lead, their oxides, which are formed during degradation, are extremely toxic to living organisms.

Once the containers are filled, the batteries are sent to a collection center specializing in their recycling.

We are not against printing. We are against the waste of resources.

We encourage the printing of documents only when absolutely necessary. We simply believe that sometimes we need to remember that the waste of paper, ink and toner does not make economic or environmental sense.

We use special waste recycling containers daily in all the lucrative facilities of Wetterbest

By saving resources and sending less waste to landfills, we contribute to reducing air and water pollution.

We reduce electricity consumption as much as possible

We encourage turning off unnecessary lights and using natural light in office spaces, as well as disconnecting unused electronic components.

It is important to pass on our vision to our partners, collaborators and, last but not least, to our families. Each of us is responsible for what the planet of our children or grandchildren will look like.


Let’s grow forests together


We are using renewable energy


We are using recyclable raw materials


Partnership with Salvamont Romania


We support the AMP Libearty Sanctuary

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